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Our Environment

The Mission of the “Carefree Learner”

John Cloud has lived in Sarasota since 1966, grew up here and has raised his children here. As an admitted water addict he grew up on Sarasota Bay, sailing, scuba diving, skiing, boating and swimming. He was one of the individuals instrumental in the creation of the “Carefree Learner,” the marine research vessel built by high school students in 1977.

The mission of the “Carefree Learner” is to take students out on the bay daily, teaching them about our marine environment. The “Carefree Learner” is docked at Marina Jack, and operates daily, just as it has been for the last 30+ years.

The Carefree Learner

Visit the Carefree Learner’s website if you would care to learn more. To John it is important to protect this environment.

The Harmful Effects of Oil Residue Runoff

Gorilla Kleen is fully committed to that protection. Routine cleaning of oily, greasy and dirty surfaces keeps pollution and run off out of the bay. During cleaning, we can block all the storm drains and divert all water to a collection point. We can then collect the water and either use it to irrigate the landscape, or run the water through a 7-step filter process.

This process removes even the petroleum products and filters down to 5 microns before being recycled and reused. This cuts down on the water that we need to accomplish your job, but more importantly, keeps our environment clean. While this is the most logical and sustainable environmental practice, law also requires it.

What is Oil Residue Runoff?

Following a rain, you can actually see the oil slicks spreading out on Sarasota Bay from oil run off. Left uncleaned, this runoff will continue to pollute our bay and inland waters.

Why Choose Us?

Anyone can own a pressure washer. What is important is the knowledge that accompanies it. At Gorilla Kleen we have years of experience and know the proper cleaning solutions and techniques. Our technicians have the best equipment and training and are supervised by a team of experienced managers. Our job is to not only do an excellent job with your cleaning needs, but to also protect your valuable property while doing so.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Hot water washing cleans and sanitizes

  • Professional and courteous

  • Accredited by the PWNA

  • Fully EPA compliant contain & recycle

  • Locally owned

  • Sarasota County Chamber of Commerce Member

  • Members of the PWNA (Pressure Washers of North America)

  • BBB Accredited Business

  • Fully licensed and insured

  • Local charitable involvement

  • 100% contain & recycle wash water

  • Environmentally safe products

  • State of the art equipment

  • Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance

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