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From the Gorilla’s Mouth

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Innovation and Problem Solving

Our business is centered around innovation and problem solving. Every single job has its unique challenges that we need to creatively overcome. For instance, we clean 1.2 million square feet of parking garage for Sarasota Memorial Hospital each fall. We have only 4 weekends to accomplish this work so we have to create efficient work programs that allow us to clean as much as 300,000 s.f. of parking garage in the two days that we are allowed to keep the garage closed. We have invented and built our own 4’ wide surface cleaners for this work so that we are uniquely qualified to do large volume work. We clean the Hyatt pool deck while hotel guests try and gather around the pool. We clean in parking garages while cars continually transit through our work area. We use lifts up to 125’ high to move around buildings. Almost everything that we do requires forethought and innovation in order to do the job effectively and safely.

We routinely clean miles and miles of sidewalks and Miami Gutters. We have designed and built our own specialized cleaners for this work. We have even built a specialized 5’ surface cleaner with 3 rotating bars that is exactly the width of a 5’ sidewalk so that we can clean one in a single pass.
– We have invented specialized surface cleaners with thrusters that hold the surface cleaner against the side of a building or sloping roof that allow us to clean in almost impossible places. We have used these on the Silvertooth Judicial Center, Sarasota County Jails and Selby Library roof. (See attached photos of these jobs).

Our job is to help our customers put their best foot forward – to make THEIR businesses shine. This means that we need to work in ways that support them. At the National Cemetery we are provided a schedule of the internments for each day and we turn off our equipment and be respectful for each one. When cleaning hotels, we need to be mindful of the guests and their needs yet still accomplish the cleaning goals. The County needed us to clean their jails, but would not allow the use of any chemicals. The Hyatt needs the convention center roof cleaned, but not while there are any meetings inside. We need to clean a Walgreens, but only when it is closed at night. Homeowners call at the last minute but need their homes cleaned for upcoming holidays.

Our cleaning at Michael’s on East is postponed because the Rabi is blessing

  • the Kosher food on the loading dock. Just about every single thing that we do involves creative thinking and problem solving.
  • Unfortunately, not everything goes as it should. Our reputation is our most valuable business tool. When things do not go correctly, we are the first to jump in and make things right. We have replaced statues, repainted a house, replaced damaged clothing, detailed cars, fixed screens, replaced plants, cleaned pools – the list goes on. But we always have done all we can to make a customer “whole” again.

Why Choose Us?

Anyone can own a pressure washer. What is important is the knowledge that accompanies it. At Gorilla Kleen we have years of experience and know the proper cleaning solutions and techniques. Our technicians have the best equipment and training and are supervised by a team of experienced managers. Our job is to not only do an excellent job with your cleaning needs, but to also protect your valuable property while doing so.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Hot water washing cleans and sanitizes

  • Professional and courteous

  • Accredited by the PWNA

  • Fully EPA compliant contain & recycle

  • Locally owned

  • Sarasota County Chamber of Commerce Member

  • Members of the PWNA (Pressure Washers of North America)

  • BBB Accredited Business

  • Fully licensed and insured

  • Local charitable involvement

  • 100% contain & recycle wash water

  • Environmentally safe products

  • State of the art equipment

  • Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance

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