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From the Gorilla’s Mouth

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Sustainable Green Practices

Gorilla Kleen has the best equipment and training for sustainable green practices. We offer a variety of approaches to cleaning that combines the clients wants or needs for a green environment with the reality of what can be done.

Most of our teams are equipped with hot water pressure washers. These units are capable of generating water as hot as 300 degrees, but more typically operate at around 200 degrees. Mold and bacteria are typically killed at temperatures in excess of 165 degrees so often we can use hot water alone as an effective and environmentally conscious way to clean effectively. This is certainly the best “green” tool that we have.

We have one trailer that is equipped with a very powerful vacuum recovery unit. This is used to recover wash water for recycling or proper disposal. For example, when doing the parking garages at Sarasota Memorial Hospital it is important to them that no wash water is allowed off site. We use the vacuum recovery system when cleaning areas that would otherwise drain into storm drains, collect the water and deposit it into their onsite storm water retention system. We have been called to Michael’s on East to orchestrate a waste oil recovery after their cooking oil tank overflowed. We dam up the area, apply biodegradable degreaser and then pressure clean with steaming hot water. The vacuum recovery is positioned to recover the water which is then legally deposited into planter areas to be used for irrigation or pumped into a sanitary sewer for processing by the local municipality.

This system was utilized when we used our hot water system to strip away old sealer on 10,000 s.f. of tile flooring in the dining area at New College. It was important to them that this sealer be collected through the vacuum system and properly disposed of.

We have pure water cleaning system for cutting edge cleaning of glass and other surfaces. Pure water is water that is filtered in a manner so that ALL of the dissolved solids have been removed. When subsequently used to clean with, this water wants to attract and hold minerals and contaminates and then wash them away – so that cleaning can be accomplished with no chemicals at all. We use this system to clean the Patriot Plaza glass pavilion at the National Cemetery four times each year. Using pure water only, we can clean the entire top of the approximately 30,000 s.f. glass surface. Underneath we use a plant based soap made in Sweden called Ecover. The plant based soap is “green”, and leaves no residue on the glass and supporting structure. By way of reference, restoration crews working in Rome to restore the Coliseum use pure water only, sprayed on for a number of hours to completely remove thousands of years of grime without any chemicals at all.

We recently cleaned all of the City of Sarasota Utility complex on 12th Street in Sarasota. They have a significant contamination problem with bird droppings from the transfer station that is adjacent to the facility. After a thorough cleaning we then sprayed Vital Oxide on all of the “touchable” surfaces. Vital Oxide is an EPA registered hospital disinfectant cleaner, mold killer and super effective odor eliminator. It is odorless, colorless and so mild you can wash your hands in it, yet kills 99.999% of bacteria including E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria in less than 60 seconds. Vital Oxide can be used to safely sanitize numerous other things such as playground equipment.

We use our high temperature water cleaning system to clean numerous kitchen facilities including work surfaces, freezers, tile and the like. The steaming hot water is a 100% safe and effective way to remove mold, grease, dirt and the like with the use of just the steaming hot water.

However, cleaning without chemicals can also create risks for the uninformed. Our job is to provide effective cleaning solutions which can occasionally mean using some form of chemistry to insure that our clients are provided a clean and safe working and living environment. An example of this is when we are only allowed to use water pressure to clean tile roof areas. The mold is most likely to reoccur in short order because you cannot effectively clean mold and mildew on a roof with just water and pressure. In this instance we apply an EPA registered biocide to the roof after cleaning to finish killing mold and mildew and to retard its regrowth.

Why Choose Us?

Anyone can own a pressure washer. What is important is the knowledge that accompanies it. At Gorilla Kleen we have years of experience and know the proper cleaning solutions and techniques. Our technicians have the best equipment and training and are supervised by a team of experienced managers. Our job is to not only do an excellent job with your cleaning needs, but to also protect your valuable property while doing so.
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